Marius Troy

Breed 1.0

Launched in 2013 as the first online educational platform for fashion photographers in the world. Has now over 3,000 registered members.

My involvement: Idea & Concept, Editor in Chief, Art Direction, Branding, Web Design, Project Management

The site was designed for easy use on both computers and handheld devices with content placed within edge to edge panels that can be easily scrolled through horizontally.

Navigate through news and events by using the calendar in the footer.


In addition to designing the brand, website & all promotional material, I have written over 200 articles for Breed since the launch in December 2013.
Breed has over 200,000 followers in social media combined.
Silvio Eckel coded Breed 1.0.
Daniel Butler was involved in initial sketches, wireframing and logo design.

I redesigned Breed’s website in 2015, view the project here.

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